Say "NO" to tacky plastic bottles.
Replace with
Beautiful Hand Painted Bottles from Colorado Artists
Beautiful hand painted items by Colorado Artists on World renowned Italian and Spanish recycled glass.  Specializing in the replacement of unsightly and environmentally harmful plastic bottles in our homes.

Sorry, I do not ship because it takes time away from painting.  However, if you know what you want, please call me one to two weeks in advance of a show and tell me what to paint  I will have it available at the show of your choice. 

If you need to reach me at a show, call my cell, 720-207-1790

Thank you

Laura Garden
Home Studio 303-627-4701
Cell for show contact  720-207-1790

Laura's Glass Garden

Sept 10 and 11th Festival Italiano The very best festival in Colorado.  
  • Did I mention Italian men in tights throwing mid evil flags? Bring lots of $ for all the wine, food and painted glass. Sign up for tastings and cooking classes. Open late like a European market. I am across from Victoria Secret and to the east a bit. Free
  • no admission. Sat 10:00AM - 9:00PM Sun 10:00AM - 5:00PM Selling 

Nov.4th - 6th Colorado Country Christmas at the Merchandise 

Nov 18th – 20thDenver Food & Gift Show at the Denver Convention Center 
  •  Booth 301 in front. Fee at door with coupons on their  web site. Smaller show than the show above and easier to get around. Wear comfortable shoes, bring our own food and water.   Convention food vendor is not very good and very expensive.

  •  Thank you. 303-627-4701.

2016 Show Schedule