The Perfect Humming Bird feeder
I bought this humming bird feeder after being frustrated with the lack of activity my plastic feeder got even though I lived the foot hills.  It was more expensive and I was weary about the glass breaking or the metal rusting.  To my surprise, the glass did not break the several times I dropped it, the metal was always clean looking, the feeder did not drip on to my deck and did not fill with wasps or bugs.  I accidentally left it out all winter and when I went to fill it the next Spring I was surprised to see how clean it was.  It took 2 years before I had the Ah-ha moment and realized that if it was the best humming bird feeder, that I should share the joy by painting them and selling them along with my other  bottles.

The green glass preserves the nectar, just like the green glass preserves Italian olive oil!  The green glass also inhibits mildew growth in the bottle.  Mildew is bad for the bird, and very hard to clean.  Unlike a glass feeder, plastic feeders will leech a bad plastic taste when it sits in the sun.  The metal bottom does not leak, rust or fade. It is easy to fill;  turn it upside down and unscrew the metal base.  There is nothing on the inside of the bottom reservoir for the sugar to stick to so it does not get crusted with hard sugar.  Wash with hot water.  Do not put in the dishwasher.

The Hand painting is done in a seven step process where I actually glue the paint on the glass and seal it with numerous coats of clear enamel.  It is designed to withstand the weather and will not fade.

Home made nectar: I credit this recipe to my 93 year old neighbor who used to get all the humming birds in the neighborhood.  In the first week of May, make a quart or more of very sweet nectar by heating a mixture of 50/50 water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  Cool in the refrigerator before filling.  Keep leftovers in a marked container in the refrigerator.  Do not fill the feeder all the way the first time as it bait for the "scouts"   if the scouts deem you have a good location and sweet fresh nectar they will bring hummingbirds to your feeder. The sweet nectar will “hook” the birds on your feeder and they will nest nearby.  Next time you make nectar use less sugar until you have reduced the nectar down to about 30% sugar and 70% water.  Towards the end of summer I will add more sugar to give the hummers extra energy for the long flight home! 

Eliminate ants by putting some vasiline on the string or hook to your feeder.  Ants will not cross the vasiline.

Green glass inhibits the growth of mildew, keeps nectar fresh longer.  easier to maintain.
Birds are attracted to the red metal flowers.  The flowers do not fall out like the plastic ones do.
Paint is weather and UV protected
Base area does not get crusty with sugar.
Bugs do not get into small holes.
No parts that fade in the sun, crack or fall off..
Looks beautiful!
Does not drip or leak in the wind.
Does not attract wasps
Easy to clean.  flip upside down, unscrew base, rinse with warm water and refill.
Birds perch on small rim around base.
Hand painted, signed and dated.  No two feeders are ever identical  
The Perfect Humming Bird Feeder
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