The Glass

This glass was developed in Italy 
in the 1700’s to be beautiful and
hard to break.  It was necessary
for glass to be durable back then. 

Today, there are only two 
manufacturing companies
that make this special 
old world recipe :
Moreno Glass, Italy and 
VS San Miguel, Spain.

What makes these bottles so strong 
is the special process.  It starts with recycling glass.  The glass is crushed, melted and repoured into the forms.  It is then treated on the outside with silver nitrate, the hardening agent, that bakes off.  There are no metals in the glass. The glass is baked at high tempatures for long periods of time just like pottrey.  The process cost more but the result is a long lasting product rather then an easially broken peice of glass that is flash baked in China.

Recycled glass is stronger, making it perfect for replacing unsightly plastic bottles.  You can drop or bang these bottles in normal use and they will seldom break.  If there is a problem I give a 1/2 replacement.

I Perfected the Dish Soap Bottle

I am a Denver stay at home mom.  It took seven years to find this special hard to break glass and develop a paint that would not wash off when sitting in a puddle of soap.   

Painting and preserving the paint is a seven step process that takes well over an hour for each bottle.  This allows the paint to last as long as the bottle. – I sign and date each piece to add value when it becomes a collectable.

The Perfect Dish Soap Bottle Became, 
The Perfect  Hand Painted Glass for:

Hand Soap   Oil and Vinegar
Hand CreamSalt and Pepper
Mouth WashContainers
Wine Glasses      Vases & Bowls


Use about 40% less dish soap.  You only pour what you need verses squeezing out too much.  I dilute thick dish soap about 20%.  

Save more money by buying the economy size bottles and refill when needed.

Less plastic bottles means less waste in our landfills.

Avoid the destruction of natural resources by using a recycled product.

Art in unexpected places is joyful.
Sold at fine craft markets in Colorado
Established by Laura Garden
Designed and Painted by Laura Garden,  Monica Beltran Rio 
and Jayne Patterson 
Patent Pending


"The glass bottle is made to last 1oo years.  I wanted my paint to last as long.  Consequently, bottles are passed from mother to daughter and treasured as family memories. Someday these will be on Antiques Road Show!"      Laura Garden


My pet peeve is pumps that break.  I purchased 2,000 extra pumps from Spain for replacements.  I still have the 2,000 extra pumps because these pumps are seldom break.  But if yours does, just give me a call and I will ship one out to you free.  These pumps only fit the European sized tops, so they will unfortunately not work on other bottles.

Pour Spouts
I spent a lot of time researching pour spouts.  I also guarantee my pour spouts.  the ribbed neck hold the spout in and forms to the size of the bottle.  The dual opening allows air to circulate and prevents dripping and burps tht cause soap to run down the bottle.  I use the rubber white ones for dish soap or mouth wash.  the clear and black pour spouts I use for food products.  It is acrylic and can be brooken if dropped.  I have black dust caps to seal off the pour spout.  If your breaks just give me a call and i will replace it for free.  I do not sell these seperately.

Paints and the Process
I compose each bottle individually and sign and date it.  My secret seven step process encludes gluing the glass before it is painted.  I bake my art and then glue again for two hand painted layers of a clear enamel.  The protection of the paint takes longer then the painting.  It is worth the effort.   if my glass is going to last 100 years i want my paint to last too.  I am headed for Antiques Roas Show!